Got a new laptop

My first offical “blog” type post.

I just got a laptop this past weekend at Fry’s. I was debating on whether to get
laptop at, or to get one on ebay,
or even to get one locally at one of the computer stores here. The HP xt125 was $900
after rebates at amazon, and I could get a custom made HP from their web site for
around the same price and get a free second battery and also an upgrade to a 15.1″
screen, but I would have California sales tax because they have a California store
as well, making it a lot more. I decided to go ahead and head out to Fry’s and see
how much they were there. They had an HP ze4210
for $850 after rebates, which the only difference was it didn’t have a CD-R/RW in
addition to the DVD drive. However, I don’t care about that because I would never
burn a CD on my laptop since I have a much better one on my desktop. I figured it
was only $25 more than the other one after taxes and I get to have it *now*, and
the ability to return it just by taking it back to the store rather than having to
RMA it and mail it back. Anyways, I really enjoy this laptop, and it gives me
something to do between classes and on long trips, although I don’t know when the
last time I took one of those is.

Reuploaded site, new content

Sorry about the downtime for those of you that wanted to browse and download my
stuff. The ISP I work for hosted my web site for no charge and now they
don’t do that so I had to start paying for it or find somewhere else. I opted to
pay for it since it’s only $7.95 a month and if anything goes wrong I can just harass
the administrator of the machine and get what I need done easily :). I originally
planned on doing a completely new layout of the site from scratch to include a blog
and everything stored in SQL tables, but I think that’s a bit overkill for what this
site is supposed to be. However, I’m merely going to rewrite some stuff in PHP to
make it a lot easier to update on my part so hopefully there will be more updates
in the future.