WCR Event Recap

August 22, 2004 at 3:07 am

Sorry to everyone that actually cares about me for not posting anything recently. Although, if you do care about me, you probably have my IM and talk with me on there. For those that don’t know, it’s FryGuy1013 on AIM (since most people have that). Don’t spam me though. Spammers annoy me :). This will be a long update, but hopefully not too long.

FryDrumBot didn’t get finished in time for the West Coast Robotics Event. Joe and I tried our hardest, but didn’t end up making it. It’s like 95% done at the moment and just needs a new gear or something. The gear that was laser cut was cut sort of inverted (our fault, cropped out the wrong set of edges) so instead of having spokes cut out, there were only spokes to support it. This made drilling into it pretty hard as you could imagine. Joe drilled the first two holes into the gear and they snapped the acrylic both times so screwing it into the drum didn’t seem like a good idea. We decided to use the AC glue given to me by Team Think Tank at the Gilroy Event. That would’ve worked great except I couldn’t get the inner assembly through the gear Friday so I gave up on it and decided to finish FryBot since I know he’s pretty easy to finish. At the event on Saturday I finally managed to get it in, but it didn’t do me a lot of good there.

The WCR event was pretty fun. Joe and his girlfriend Jamie drove out there with me on Saturday since he was bringing his own robot, Ground Bloom. He ended up driving past the freeway exit and after a quick glance at the map we turned around on the freeway and got of on the right exit. At the event he was a little overweight with his robot so he was removing parts to get it underweight. He finishes and it’s 16 ounces exactly according to their scale. Hopefully by next event they’ll have an official weight and compare it the old fashioned way (no pun intended).

I ended up fighting two robots on day one, the first of which was Toothy, of Team Tiki. He was at the Good Day Sacramento thing that Sacbots did so I’ll just say he’s from Sacramento (I think Davis though). I’ve seen his robot in action and I wasn’t really worried too much since it doesn’t really have any pushing power, and my robot is pretty impervious to damage. I had bad reception, but ended up walking over to where I had slightly better reception and just pushed him out of the arena.

Next, I fought Corrosive. We fought at the Gilroy event and he did a bit of damage to me and won by flipping me over. However, this time my bot is mostly indestructable and more importantly invertable. He did however sport a really cool green blade, while I still had my normal blackish wedge. He won in style I think :). It started out much as it did in Gilroy — him getting blade hits on me when I charge at him with my unrelenting aggressiveness. He flipped me over several times, tore off one of my skirts again, and I finally managed to get him onto my wedge and then push him out. It was a close fight, but fun.

Alas, day one was over. I got to watch a bunch of the bigger robot fights and they were cool. VD3 of team think tank is really powerful in the 30lb division, and insanely cool to watch. He literally threw a robot 6ft in the air with his vertically spinning weapon. Joe decided that since his robot was broken that he was going to wuss out retire undefeteated and not go back day two. Or something like that at least :). I thought about not returning for the second day, but decided because I was 2-0 and had a good chance of qualifying for Nationals I’d go back. If I was 1-1 I might not’ve come back, and if I was out I definately wouldn’t. Anyways I drove all the way back there on Sunday, semi-tired. Caffeine was good though. I ended up overcompensating for getting lost on Saturday, so I turned off too early and had to ask for directions at a Gas station that didn’t know the town layout (who knew). He refered me to the mexican restaraunt in the parking lot with it and I got directions there. I thought about saying Gracias to him because he obviously spoke Spanish (he was talking to another customer in Spanish while I was there) and I know a little bit of Spanish, but I didn’t know if it would be rude. I just said Thank You politely after he gave me directions and a small map. I ended up making it, so Thank you if you read this, whoever you are :).

On day two, I ended up fighting Hazardous Waste driven by Jenna of Sacbots. She got her lifting arm under me early and flipping me over. I drove backward towards the pit, which wasn’t exactly what I had intended since the controls were backwards. We immediately get into a pushing match and she gets me in the pit since I didn’t have enough time to get away. Oh well, I’m only in the losers bracket, being 2-1.

Next I fight Lethal Wedgie, in the losers bracket losing one fight and winning none. Stupid Byes. He proceeds to get under me a couple times and I drive off him. Then he gets under me again and I drive off him into the wall and my skirt gets stuck in the wall. All throughout the competetion the Commentator for the bigger robots had been going on about how sportsmanlike all the competetors were about unsticking the other robots since they would rather have a good fight than win by the wall. Apparently he didn’t hear all that and left me in the wall and started doing victory dances. Andy Sauro was “watching” the fight and said I was pushed into the wall and they counted me out. He lost immediately the next fight though so I guess Karma wasn’t on his side. I shouldn’t be bitter but I guess I am, since I had won two fight against weaponed robots and he hadn’t even won a fight yet.

Oh well, I watched the rest of the fights during the day and it was pretty fun again. I stayed after they closed and was going to help Adam from Sacbots tear down the antweight arena since he lives in Sacramento too. He seemed to have enough help though, and I saw the guy tearing down the “big” arena (bigger than the antweight, but not the heavyweight box) and he was doing it by himself so I volunteered my help. That arena is heavy. I helped him carry out several panels that weighed a bit and unscrew the top parts and carry those out and then other people came and helped out too. We ended up disassembling and loading the entire arena out in an hour or so it seemed. My arms didn’t thank me the next day though and were sore for a few more days. Oh well. The drive home was uneventful. I got some Chicken Nuggets, fries (I *am* the FryGuy), and caffeine at McDonalds on the way though. On the leaving the McDonalds I got onto the road and there were two lanes: “FWAY ONLY” and the left lane. I decided since I was going on the freeway I’d get in the right lane. However, I suppose that they needed to specify that it was southbound freeway only, so I had to wait for traffic to go in the left lane and I got over into it and then left. Good thing it was night and nobody wanted to go southbound on the freeway.

This will be Part one of this post. It’s been a half-hour or so and I’ve got several more points to post, but I’ll save those in notepad and get to them later. So stay tuned for Part Deux 🙂

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  1. mom
    August 22, 2004 at 10:50 am

    I like the “tore off one of my skirts,again” comment

  2. August 25, 2004 at 11:28 am

    hey, sorry i didnt free u, i did hear all of that commentator stuff but i didnt care I guess….
    if we ever fight again, ill unstick you when i stick you into the wall 😉 Lethal Wedgy has been completely redesigned btw and he is sturdy as a brick (1/16″ aluminum angle sides) and i wanted to win EXTREMELY badly so i just wanted to say sorry

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